Start Up Consultant

  • Liverpool / Manchester, United Kingdom

Start Up Consultant

Job description

We Are Nova... 

We cofound startups, providing investment, consultancy and delivery expertise. 

We are passionate about...

  • working with talented people
  • to solve real user problems
  • by creating disruptive digital products and services 
  • with great user experience
  • using lean innovation management
  • and agile delivery practices

If you share our passion, have a strong track record and think you fit the description below, we'd love to hear from you.


First and foremost you are passionate about start-ups. You've read the key texts. You're subscribed to the blogs.

You go to the meet-ups. You might not have worked in a start-up but you apply the principles wherever you can. 

As a startup consultant at Nova you will coach our founders to understand the problem they are trying to solve, offer practical advice in how to grow and scale the business, find new opportunities and avoid unnecessary mistakes. You will apply advanced "lean startup" methodologies and user-focussed frameworks, to navigate through the extreme uncertainty facing any startup Founder.

No one knows it all when it comes to this space, so a passion for self-learning and an ability to put it into practice quickly is key. You should be driven to learn from users and to incorporate their feedback into our products. You will also need to be comfortable making evidence-based decisions in cases of extreme uncertainty.

You're a natural people person, and can gain the trust and respect of everyone you meet. You work equally well with anyone, from experienced investors to startup founders, product users, development teams and marketeers. 

Our Startup Consultants are a team of individuals with diverse backgrounds across programme management, business transformation, consultancy, user experience design, product management and business analysis. We recognise that  no one person will have all the skills we need. So long as you have a background in software delivery, other relevant skills from the list below, the right attitude, and a passion for startups, this might just be the perfect opportunity for you. 

Ideally you will be...

  • A life-long learner - what you don’t know you’ll learn and use quickly and effectively
  • A natural servant-leader - you motivate and guide others through your own passion and drive
  • A people person - able to gain the respect and trust of others in all walks of life
  • Takes ownership to make things happen but able to delegate and coach others to act
  • Driven by the desire to help others succeed. Not driven by ego
  • Sees change as opportunity to improve
  • Not scared to fail
  • Can make evidence based decisions
  • Honest, open and collaborative
  • Passionate about learning from users to build the best possible product and business

Desirable previous experience in no particular order:

  • Running or working at a startup… a  success or failure
  • Management Consulting
  • Business Coaching
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Analysis
  • User Experience Design / User Testing
  • Programme Management
  • Product Management
  • Lean / Agile Delivery
  • Digital Marketing  - specifically Inbound / Growth Hacking
  • Cross platform software development
  • Data analytics