Software Engineer (12 month placement)

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  • Liverpool, United Kingdom

Software Engineer (12 month placement)

Job description

We have a number of opportunities for passionate and driven undergradutes during their year in industry.

The Software Engineer role allows you to develop your skills and work as part of a team developing live projects and is perfect for those who are looking to increase their knowledge and gain real experience.

Our Software Engineering placement is a 1 year, full time, paid placement where you will be a part of our close knit team. You will get the chance to gain experience across the full software development lifecycle, working up and down our tech stack, but also be given the chance to prove yourself and become an invaluable asset to Nova. We have a solid track record of offering graduate roles to our placement students.

The Role

  • As a software engineer you will join a small agile development team focused on developing web and mobile applications. We want our engineers to be cross-functional, so you will work across our whole JavaScript/.NET technology stack.
  • You will be involved at all stages of the software development life cycle. You will liaise with the product owner to collaborative on turning product requirements into actionable user stories and ship code regularly.
  • As a placement student, you will undergo a 3 month induction programme designed to give you knowledge of the tools, languages and frameworks that we use. Once you have completed this, you will join an agile development time and ship production code on a day to day basis.
  • Our approach to development is inspired by Lean Manufacturing Principles, building quality and automation into everything that we do. Everything that can be tested is tested, and everything that can be automated is automated, so that no human ever has to repeat themselves, that is what computers are for!
  • We have a commitment to the continuing development of our placement students. Our scheme is designed so that placement students under-go a 12 month placement and, if successful, return to University with the offer of a part-time job during their final year and full time position waiting for them upon graduation. 

What you won't be is lost in a huge Organisation making tea for everyone!


  • Currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related discipline and available for a 12 month, full time, placement starting Summer 2019
  • Comfortable writing code in at least one language, such as C# or Java
  • Some Experience with Javascript libraries (ExtJs, Angular, React.js, Ember.js etc.) or other similar technologies to build web/mobile applications would be highly beneficial but not required.
  • We are looking for students with a passion for software development. We would love to see anything you've done outside of your studies/career.

Selection dates: End of February - March 2019